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Shipping & Returns

Best Medic Stores uses Best in Class carriers for the delivery of your products. Shipment tracking information of your order will be sent to you by UPS,DHL,UPS,TNT,etc

We believe that all reasonable efforts are made to ensure each and every shipment arrives in your hands safely and as you ordered it. If unforeseen problems such as weather, occurrence with the carrier, or with
Best Medic Stores and our ability to ship your products are delayed, feel free to contacts us. We will make every effort to ensure your shipment meets your expected delivery requirements, including but not limited to Saturday delivery, First Overnight and Next Day Air shipments.

Best Medic Stores will not validate the authenticity of individuals requesting shipment tracking information, nor does it guarantee or warrant the authenticity of such a request, the requestor's message, or the accuracy of any verbal tracking update.

All material to be returned to Best Medic Stores must have an RMA number assigned. For proper return credit, please call to have the RMA number issued. Without this RMA number Best Medic Stores cannot be responsible for the returned shipment or its contents. Further, Best Medic Stores will not be responsible for any such shipments, CODs, etc.

Best Medic Stores charges a restocking fee for returned products of 30%. This fee simply attempts to recover our costs. We thank you for your understanding in this regard. For laser optics we have a 'no return' policy. This includes lenses, fiber optics, windows, and some other products.

We just want to ensure our customers (like you) the product is of known quality.